Unveiling PTEROVITA: The Pinnacle of Pterostilbene Innovation

NutriOriginal teams up with CIRCE Scientific to offer a pterostilbene ingredient with extensively greater bioavailability.

NutriOriginal together with CIRCE Scientific has unveiled PTEROVITA, the most potent pterostilbene ingredient currently available on the market.

Pterostilbene, a natural compound found in plants, belongs to the stilbenoid family and shares a close chemical relationship with resveratrol. Both compounds boast similar pharmacological activities, including analgesia, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. However, pterostilbene has demonstrated superior efficacy compared to resveratrol, primarily due to its better bioavailability and longer half-life.

Unmatched Bioavailability

Despite its potential, commercial pterostilbene has been plagued by low bioavailability, typically less than 15%. This limitation means that the body absorbs only a small fraction of the ingested product, diminishing its effectiveness. PTEROVITA overcomes this hurdle through its unique crystalline form, achieved via advanced co-crystallization technology, which significantly enhances its solubility and bioavailability.

PTEROVITA achieves an impressive bioavailability of over 95%, a stark contrast to the sub-15% bioavailability of standard pterostilbene supplements. This remarkable increase is attributed to the innovative solid form in which PTEROVITA is crystallized, ensuring that the body can absorb and utilize the compound more effectively. Studies in Sprague-Dawley rats have shown that PTEROVITA achieves much higher blood levels compared to regular pterostilbene or resveratrol, translating to enhanced beneficial activity.

Health Benefits of PTEROVITA

The potential health benefits of pterostilbene are well-documented in scientific literature, and PTEROVITA, with its superior bioavailability, amplifies these benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Longevity: PTEROVITA may combat free radicals induced by oxidative stress, increase sirtuin activation (known as the “longevity genes”), and help fight radiation-associated damage.
  • Cardiovascular Health: It supports maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, improves cardiac function, reduces platelet aggregation necessary for thrombus formation, and aids in achieving better insulin sensitivity and weight control.
  • Brain Health: PTEROVITA may reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain, improve cognitive and motor functions, and slow the rate of cognitive decline.

Applications and Safety

PTEROVITA’s applications extend beyond traditional health supplements. It holds significant promise in sports nutrition and even in the pet industry, providing a versatile solution for various health needs. Safety studies indicate that pterostilbene is generally safe for human consumption at doses up to 250 mg per day and is well-tolerated when administered twice daily.

As NutriOriginal continues to innovate, PTEROVITA is poised to become a cornerstone of health and longevity products worldwide. Get in touch today to learn more today.