Storg-I is a certified organic curry leaf extract standardized for 3.6% organic plant-based iron, as well as co-factors and co-nutrients, including antioxidants.

Product Indications

Pregant Health

Iron Deficient woman


Anemic people (low Iron)

• Storg-I is helpful for energy production, growth and development, healthy immune function and red blood cell formation.
• Iron deficiency anemia is a condition in which lack of iron results in not having enough healthy red blood cells, leading to symptoms such as extreme fatigue, weakness and headaches.
• Pregnant women often have low iron, resulting in iron deficiency anemia, due to the loss of large amounts of iron in the growth and development of their baby.
• Iron assists in the formation of hemoglobin, the molecular mass that transports oxygen from the respiratory organs to the tissues.

Product Applications






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