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Responsible for the preservation and cultivation of over 100 acres of land throughout southern India, NutriOriginal is committed to sustainable agriculture and traditional harvesting without chemicals. Our fields are assigned to local cooperative farmers who are trained on organic agricultural practices to grow and harvest fruits, vegetables and other plants in a chemical-free environment. Thus all of the botanicals used in our manufacturing processes are certified organic by European and North American standards.

Once harvested, our botanicals go through a simple water or ethanol-based solvent extraction method to produce valuable concentrates with high nutritional value. The result is a nutrient-rich, free-flowing powder that can easily be formulated in a variety of dietary supplements and functional food products around the world aiming for a Clean Label.

Agricultural Sustainability & Health Science

Traditional Harvesting Without Chemicals

Focused on Quality by Design, Driven by Science and Innovation, and Dedicated to Giving Back to Society


Quality by Design

At NutriOriginal we take the quality of our products and manufacturing processes seriously, and have established quality control systems that ensure cleanliness, accuracy and compliance with international standards. Our laboratories are equipped with HPLC, UV and LCMS, and are FSSC2200, ISO 9001 and HACCP certified.

NutriOriginal is also a certified handler of organic products by Ecocert SA and GMP (certified by NSF for CFR 11); and all of our health ingredients are certified Kosher by KosherLalala and Halal.


Driven by Science and Innovation

NutriOriginal dedicates significant resources to multiple initiates in areas of ecological harvesting and the science of botanical ingredients for human health.

On one end, we are a founding member of Hub de La Vera, where botanicals are studied to determine the ideal agricultural conditions – including humidity, climate, soil and harvesting methods – to yield the highest nutrients.

Medicinal plants are studied to find the ideal humidity, climate, soil and harvesting conditions.

And on the other end, NutriOriginal collaborates with Star Hi Herbs Pvt. Ltd. and their network of universities and hospitals to understand how these nutrients affect our bodies when ingested.

Modern science in being considered when searching the most efficient way to deliver these nutrients.

As a result of multiple invitro, in vivo and human clinical trials, we have developed a line of health claim-based ingredients for:

Weight management




Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back to Society

Passionate about giving back to the local communities in which we operate, NutriOriginal sponsors the education of farmer’s children in the form of grants for books, uniforms and transportation; in addition to encouraging parents to keep their children in school.

We also collaborate with Fundación Arraigo on the training of immigrants which are then given employment in La Vera Innovation Hub.

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